23 August 2013

< Baby Gap Girl >

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I am addicted to Baby Gap. I have severrralll pieces from there already and I am not even pregnant! You just can't beat their sales. They constantly have 35% to 40% off online as well as similar sales in the store. Baby Gap is the best way to go for a simple, sweet baby style without paying way too much money. Trust me, I know my baby stores and brands. As well as they have sooo many gender neutral pieces...can't beat that!

I LOVE these baby girl pieces, however, I think together as a group they look sooo girly...which I am not a huge fan of. But each piece separately have a toned down girl feel without screaming "cheesy girly".

My sister got that "ooh la la!" onesie at her baby shower and I am soo jealous. I am in love with that phrase. I am almost tempted to get me one even though I plan on having a baby boy first. :) ha.



Allison said...

I love these pastel tones! So adorable.

stephanie said...

I never really thought Baby Gap clothes were all that special until you started posting about them a while back.

I love all of these. I can't decide if it's a good thing I don't need any more clothes for June or a sad thing.

You can just have the Ooh La La onesie when she's done with it!