21 August 2013

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Elijah loves his Uncle Jachen
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Playing out in the sun and sprinkler
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Deception Pass daytrip
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Obsessed with nephew Elijah--look at that face!
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Babyshower for my sister Stephanie
 photo IMG_0239_zps68dff977.jpg
Our stack of home goods is piling up!
 photo IMG_0338_zps92620659.jpg
Date night--Blue C Sushi and Richmond Beach
 photo IMG_0276_zpsfbf8a74d.jpg
Jachen's first day of work--he is loving his job
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Oh just a picture of me showing off my lipstick--Amplified by MAC
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Lunch and shopping date with my sister Natalie
 photo IMG_0352_zpsbb0fbb50.jpg
A little evening kayaking and swimming
 photo IMG_0361_zps665e57f9.jpg
At the Emerald Downs horse races--we don't gamble, just a fun family outing
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 photo IMG_0396_zps8a6d4a95.jpg
Niece June's baby blessing
 photo IMG_0404_zpsdf47ce12.jpg
 photo IMG_0430_zps66dcf619.jpg
Family picnic/one last goodbye to my sister and family who are moving to Utah this week
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Some of life as of late. Life is good.

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