17 July 2013

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We are here in the USA...duh, I am sure you figured that out. We have been busy busy everyday since we arrived last Thursday. It is weird that we haven't even been here a week.

Here is a little of what has been going on since we landed...

//Going through customs was a PAIN! Well, actually, it would have been less annoying if we had a way to call my dad and tell him it was taking longer than expected. The area we were waiting to be helped was also the area where people in wheelchairs had to go through customs...and as soon as we arrived about 20 older people arrived and they took EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM FIRST. I could go on and on about the different annoying aspects of our flight and waiting in customs, but I will stop there. OH but I will add that once we got our luggage I had to use a payphone to call my dad, but realized I didn't have enough change so I had to use my card...later I discovered I was charged over $22 on my card! Outrageous!

//Jachen dropped off an application for a job on our way home from the airport.

//Found out my brother and his wife are expecting identical twins in Jan!!

//Had a family lunch.

//Friday evening we went to a friend's wedding.

//Saturday we/I spent the day unpacking{btw we are living with my parents until Jachen finds a job and we can move out}. I hate hate living out of a suitcases.

//Jachen started a blog for his family in Switzerland to see his life in America, here.

//Sunday evening we had a family dinner and went on a family walk.

//Monday was Jachen's "birthday day"...we went to The Museum of Flight{his dream! it was great}, Jachen had a job interview, we checked out apartment complexes, visited friends and then went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. By the time we got our food, we weren't hungry and so tired! ha. So leftovers it was.

//Monday night the Tachers, my sister Natalie's family, came home from Arizona and Jachen and I met our nephew Elijah for the first time.

//Tuesday I woke up to some sort of flu. Not enjoyable. Later that afternoon Jachen and I took our nieces Leah and Clara swimming with two of my sisters and their kids. I still was feeling sick so I didn't get to go in the water.

//And then last night, Tuesday night, Jachen and I spent the evening at my sister Natalie's. Got to hold that sweet baby Elijah again.

//This morning, Wednesday, my sister Stephanie finally!, she was due las Monday, had her baby girl! The sweet little baby's name is June.

//My grandma Jackie has been staying here the last few weeks which has been fun to see her and help take care of her. She is one of my favorite human beings. The last few years she has had pretty bad short term memory loss so she is pretty challenging to take care of, but she is still darling and as sweet as ever.

Busy busy and lovin' it.

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Allison said...

You made it! I've been wondering if you made it back safely :) Sounds like life is moving quickly!