05 July 2013

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Someone's BIRTHDAY is today!! Tonight we are going with Jachen's dad Gian to a steak restaurant...Jachen sure loves steak. Originally we thought we would be in the States for his birthday so I had a whole surprise day planned out for him...well, since we are clearly still in Switzerland we are putting those plans on hold. We will celebrate his birthday for reals when we get to the States.

Here are some things you may not know about Jachen...

>his middle name is Curdin{pronounced Cure-dean}
>he is smart and a great Engineer
>his favorite color is green
>he is a very nice and caring person
>he loves sweets, has a major sweet tooth
>he doesn't follow sports{one of the things I like about him most}
>he likes building things and figuring out how things work
>he is super easy going
>he has great taste in music
>THIS is one of his favorite songs...and a favorite album
>he was born two years after his wife, me
>he talks a LOT during movies, it's comical how much...see HERE
>when he makes a commitment to someone, he owns up to it
>he likes to own and listen to movie scores
>he doesn't like tap water that much, makes him gag after drinking "too much", but he does love mineral water
>he doesn't like outie belly buttons, he thinks they are gross
>he likes comics, Star Trek, video games, and used to dabble in anime
>he sings along to songs even when he doesn't know the words
>he was born in Basel, Switzerland
>he has a nice singing voice
>he has beautiful green eyes
>he is game for just about anything...even dressup...see HERE
>usually when he tries too hard to be funny he isn't, but when he doesn't try he can be really funny
>his mission in England for 2 years for the LDS church was a huge turning point in his life
>he has only been speaking fluent English for 5 years and he has a great American accent, you can hardly tell he is Swiss
>he loves America and can't wait to live there
>he loves swimming and being in the water
>he doesn't like being in large crowds of people
>he has driven manual all his life, but now prefers automatic
>he has this funny way of dancing that is just..."so jachen" see HERE
>he wants to have fun, be happy and do good
>he is fun to be around and will make you feel comfortable and wanted
>he is one of a kind

I think I will keep him around! Happy Birthday Jachenator!

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