13 June 2013

< 27 Days Til Summer In The USA >

 photo fruit2_zpse47ad785.jpg
 photo fruit1_zpse3c3d61e.jpg
New countdown folks, I need to have a countdown so it feels official in my brain, you know what I mean? Since our date for Jachen's interview has changed from what we had hoped, we now have 27 days until our new flight outta here! {at least this better be the final date, you never know with the Visa process. But we are very optimistic it will all work out this time}We move out of our apartment June 29th, so soon, and will bunk with Jachen's dad for two weeks. We are thrilled and nervous that we have so little time left.

Fun fruit art by Hannah Rampley.
 photo summercountdown27_zpsccf93330.jpg

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