19 June 2013

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I swear Jachen is not that white...just really sunny out.
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We were up on that cement wall where there's a great view of the city. {below}
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Yesterday afternoon Jachen had his physical for the VISA process in Zurich, so we decided to spend the morning and afternoon up to the appointment in the city. I LOVE Zurich! When I was an Au pair in Switzerland in 2010 I would spend most of my days off in Zurich. It is such a pretty and large city. Yesterday I was able to see more of the city I hadn't seen before and OH MY. I had no idea it was THAT beautiful.

We walked around enjoyed the sites, went into the Grossmunster{the famous double tower Munster, was pretty lame inside...def NOT a pretty/gody church like you would normally see in Europe. We were surprised}. Did a little shopping{I say little because Zurich is CRAAZY expensive} and then got some lunch. We then headed to where the doctors office was, but got there an hour early so we walked around looking for some ice cream, found some. It was CRAZY hot out...luckily there are tons of water fountains around to cool our bodies down. By the time we got to the next fountain we were dry from the one before. Jachen had his appt and passed, clearly...he is one healthy kid. While he was getting checked out, I cooled off and slept in their waiting room. I couldn't help it, I was sleepy from the heat we walked in all day. 

A great little outing in Zurich and one step closer to getting the VISA for Jachen to live in the States.

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