31 May 2013

< Bad News Bears >

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Yesterday, we found out bad news. We found out that Visa interviews for June are completely booked and Jachen won't get an interview in June. Awful. We were hoping for June, we bought plane tickets to leave July 2nd. Looks like we will have to change that. We wanted sooo badly to be there{home} for the 4th of July and Jachen's birthday{July 5th}.

It was pretty rough for me after finding out. Some ugly crying was going on on my end. Luckily, Jachen comforted me. He also talked me out of my anger towards the situation. I didn't understand why this could happen, but Jachen convinced me...and I convinced myself that this is for a reason. By the end of the evening, I accepted our new situation. Well accepted as much as one can accept news like this. I decided to be positive and to instead think about how we WILL be in the States, we will get there. What is important is we get there and if delayed, then we will just have to deal with it.

It feels much better to be positive instead of depressed.

We don't know yet when our appointment is, we should find out soon. We don't want to get our hopes up again, but I am just PRAYING that our appt is at the beginning of July. Also, that switching our flights doesn't cost us a million dollars.

So the waiting process starts all over again. Sigh.

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