02 May 2013

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This month we...
\\Headed to Appenzell and bought some gnomes, bratwurst and walked around the pretty city.

\\We realized we already brought Jachen's shorts to the States at Christmas...don't know what we were thinking...so we had to buy him some new ones...Jachen's work is like a sauna when the sun is out.

\\My dad came to town on business, we saw him for an afternoon and evening before he flew back home to Seattle. So fun to see him for a bit. Felt like I just saw him. I love how Skyping ties that gap.

\\Watched General Conference. What a great conference this year.

\\We finally purchased our flights to move to the States. July 2nd sure is going to come quick.

\\Celebrated our 2 year anniversary being married. We went into Konstanz Germany{one of our favorite places to go}, mailed our fist box home{it's cheaper to ship from Germany}, walked around, shopped, ate yummy cheap duck and noodles, ate AMAZING gelato and hung out by the water. I saw more of Konstanz this time...such a beautiful city.

\\Started going to the track in the evening again. We really enjoy that time together outside.

\\I have been going on a lot of morning walks. I really enjoy exploring this city.

\\Bought a lot of children's German books and German/Swiss baby toys for our future kids.

\\Brought back with me from Seattle a few cans of pumpkin to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Made a huge batch. Delicious. Who says you can't have pumpkin in Spring?!

\\Skyped during my sister Natalie's baby boy shower. He is due in the next few weeks! Can't wait. Her third and first boy. I love baby boy's triangle blanket.

\\Finished two major sets of paperwork for the Visa process. Unless we filled out something wrong, we are done with the paperwork part! Just have his shots, doctors check up{you know, to make sure he isn't bring any diseases to the States} and his big interview! Hopefully that will all be done before July 2nd!

\\We have had a few people come and look at the apt...apparently our renter lady is too lazy to come show people the apt herself, so we are doing it. We have one scheduled for today and tomorrow as well.

btw...the life update posts are mostly for me so that I can "journal" and remember what we do in our life each month.

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Natalie said...

You are going to love the triangle quilt even more when you see it in person in July!!!
Is that really how much your plane tickets cost?? Crazy.