12 May 2013

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Happy I got to see my mom today...via Skype of course. I realized today while Skyping family that Skyping is getting really old. Over 2 years of Skyping! Pretty crazy. But thanks to Skype it doesn't feel like we have been gone that many days. I just want to see people in real life on a daily basis again.

I am thankful for my mother. She has taught me many lessons over the years and I can think back to many great memories with her. I remember the night before my very first official job. I was so nervous. I was mostly nervous to use a cash register{I was starting a job at a scrapbook store}...and I remember crying about it. I get quite nervous and stressed about new things. I remember she held my head on her lap and told me it was going to be okay and that I was going to do great. I believed her, and she was right. I remember being very comforted by this loving act.

I also remember in high school my senior year I decided to add AP History to my schedule. That class turned out to be way harder than I had expected. I remember one night my mom was helping me with the homework and she was shocked at how hard it was and, with my permission, made the school switch me out of that class. I was thankful for her realizing I wasn't making up how unnecessarily hard it was and happy she stood up for me.

When Jachen first came to Seattle/the USA to meet my family...the first person he met was my mom. She hugged him right away and welcomed him genuinely and excitedly. This was Jachen's first memory of how welcoming and loving my family is. I am thankful for her showing love and acceptance so easily and promptly to Jachen. That's just the kind of person she is.

She supports, she encourages, she trusts, she teaches, she homemakes, she loves and she goofs around. She has been a mom for about 38 years now and is still going strong. She is also a great grandma to many lucky kids.

My newest favorite thing about her is that she has a Pinterest...I don't why but I think that is cute.

Love you mom.

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Natalie said...

Super great words about mom....made me tear up.