15 May 2013

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Each of these spaces are pretty special. Not only do I love the floor to ceiling wall of art in that bathroom, but I love the white and you can see a little peek of the bathroom's white chandelier. Looks like such a fresh bathroom. Would you do floor to ceiling art in your bathroom? Or anywhere in your house for that matter?

What a great men's bedroom...that guy has great taste. My favorite is the bed and the big pops of art. I would love to have a large piece of art.

I adore everything about this third space...the bench seating{I just forgot the name of those...bucket seats? buffet seats?}, the chairs and so in love with the wood round table. I am reallly into round dining tables right now. I am going to snatch one up when we get an apt in the States. I also love that there is a window in the space giving it so much natural light. I hope to live somewhere in the future with plenty of natural light. It makes such a difference!

AND I love a good record nook. Right now I am lazy about playing records...actually, technically the majority of our records have already been sent to the States...but even when they were here I didn't like having to switch several buttons on our sound system to get to the record player. It would be nice to have it all in a space of it's own and I could just flick it on. I sure love vinyl.

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