01 May 2013


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Exciting that it's May, huh?! What a great month May is. Jachen was off work today, well technically he went in for a few hours in the morning, but then we went into St. Gallen, a nearby city, and partied it up. We had lunch, Jachen took passport like photos for the last form of his VISA application {and then we just have his shots, doctors apt and his interview left!}, bought sunglasses to put his prescription in {my Valentine's present to him that he is finalllly getting} it's sun season!, went to the city's bookstore...our favorite thing...bought some children's books and then got some ice cream. It was such a beautiful day! Great way to kick off May!

We only have May and June left until we move to the States. So much is going on this month and next. It's exciting and also scary. Exciting because WE ARE DYING TO MOVE and scary because living in Switzerland is all we have done married...all we know together. I am sure as soon as we get there it will feel fine, but it's kinda scary not to know how it will go. It's such a huge change. I am trying not to stress about it. I know this is what we are supposed to do and what will make us most happy, so I know it will all be just fine. Last week I packed a suitcase. I was curious to see how much of our things I could pack in one bag. Not too bad. Just 3 more bags and 2 carry-ons to go! Well, plus we are sending a few boxes...so I think we will make it. Won't know until we pack for reals.

Another thing, I have had a lot going on in my head and life lately so I have been lame at keeping up with my blog. When I am on my computer I have been obsessed pinning recipes and stuff for our future. It has me very happily distracted.


Don't forget to download a May calendar, over HERE. It's MAY!

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