17 April 2013

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 photo livingroom6stuff_zpscc6aae2c.jpg
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Welp, love this room. I love love modern mixed with rustic mixed with sleek vintage. Which is this room. And let's talk about those sandals!! Gorg. Ps. I do NOT endorse you spending $399 on a salvaged muddly painted wood table let alone on two!...but I do promote you making some that look like these for much much cheaper. I also promote lots of life/family photos on walls. Alsooo I highly support that glass cabinet! Man!

one. Floor Lamp//two. Nail Polish//three. Camera Lens//four. Wall Clock//five. Basket//six. Photos//seven. Throw//eight. Rug//nine. Sandals//ten. Sofa//eleven. Wood Tables//twelve. Cabinet


Stay tuned for the next room!

1 comment:

Olivia Carter said...

I have been meaning to post how much I love these room design things you've been doing lately! So fantastic!