04 April 2013

< Gap Baby Boy >

 photo babyboy1_zps71e4e4fa.jpg
 photo babyboy2_zpsc49cd29c.jpg
Addicted. Addicted to baby clothes/gear right now. I have added a million baby things to my Amazon.com wish list. I KNOW that there will be cute baby clothes when I someday have a baby...but man ALIVE! it's so hard to wait! That gnome onesie?...you're kidding me! I am also super in love with those green pants. AND the grey...loving grey.

Gap baby boy ONE


Allison said...

Man, Gap really has been killing it lately with the baby clothes. Sometimes I get stressed too about whether I should start hoarding cute baby things I find... but not having any room for storage pretty much answers that questions!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Space! ya that'll getcha! I think though, you can get a few things here and there before being pregnant...nothing wrong with starting a little hope chest of sorts. Just don't go crazzy! {I want to go crazzzy so badly!!}

Kate said...

That little gnome kills me. This stuff is all SO cute! That is gonna be one well dressed little guy!

Olivia Carter said...

ACH! If I had millions of dollars my babis would only dress in GAP their stuff is so classic and yet with tons of personality. Alas, someday... :)