06 March 2013

< Hair Chalking >

 photo chalking_zpse30805ad.jpg
I wish I had straight hair so that I could color chalk my hair...clearly I can chalk my curly hair, but it just won't look as cool. I have always wanted color in my hair, but never will be able to commit to coloring my hair permanently...this would be a fun substitute. Easy, cheap and washable. I like the sound of that.

1. buy Artist's Loft soft pastels from Michael's
2. put on rubber gloves--or don't and get pastels on your hands
3. lightly wet the strands of hair you want to dye
4. brush on color
5. let hair dry
6. use flat iron or curling iron to heat the color in so it doesn't come off on your clothes
\\there are many tutorials online if you need visual instructions \\photos source

viola. easy.


Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Oh wow, that is such a fun idea!!! I love those crazy hair colors but couldn't imagine haivng it all the time. This is perfect :)

Julene said...

i want to try this!