25 February 2013

< Drives Me Nutso >

This video makes me gag a bit. I actually worry that by posting this video you will a. watch it and b. think that by my posting it you may mistake that for me liking the video. Wrong.

I used to like Taylor Swift...in the beginning. But she started driving me nuts when she started to become less "country" and pretend she was still country. Is she still claiming she is a country singer? If so, argh that drives me sooo nuts. This video/song just proves to me she is no longer a country singer. Also, when I became sick of her ability to only write break up songs or love songs. I'm over it. I think she makes good music, I am just too annoyed by it to listen.

I JUST DON'T GET IT? How is this country?! {unless she isn't country anymore then that makes me less annoyed. AND not that I am a huge country music fan...but the hypocrisy drives me nutso} This is HUGE gag.

Anyway. I said it. It's out.


Julene said...

some of the songs from her latest album sound country, but a lot of them don't. i don't mind her branching out and trying new genres of music, but i also don't like this music video a ton. i just think the intro with her talking is way too long, unnecessary, and a little weird. and that guy is not cute.

Natalie said...

Finally watched the video. The talking parts are pretty dumb. I agree, the guy is not cute. And I dont think it is that big of a deal that she reaches a couple genres. But maybe just not on the same album. I have never been a fan really, but she looks a little trashy in the video.