19 February 2013

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Look at those crazy guys floating down the river
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Jachen infront of his dad's group's car
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Yesterday we drove the 1.5hrs to Basel{where Jachen was born} to go to Fasnacht! We went last year with Jachen's dad and enjoyed it. This year his dad, Gian, is in the "parade"...he usually is but last year he couldn't. So this year it was fun to see him a part of it.

Jachen and I got there early to get good/free parking, then walked along the river, crossed the river by boat, walked up the many sets of stairs up to the city level, spent some time in the cathedral...you see in the many pictures above {the one with the green diamond tiled roof}, had a picnic lunch, scooped out a spot to stand during the parade and then made our way over to meet Jachen's dad and group before it started.

Then at 1330 the parade started!

{I wanted to break up all the pictures...but it probably will be just the same thing--a lot of Fasnacht pictures taking over my blog. ha.}

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