13 February 2013


 photo farbetwo_zps8de6756a.jpg
This new print of mine was selected to be part of the Society6 shop...{which I don't know exactly that means...I am assuming it means there is a separate shop for the site, separate from the artist's individual shop} so that's pretty cool. When I told Jachen he said, "that's just as cool as them printing it in the Society6 book"...I said, "no, being printed in their book is MUCH cooler." ha.

Well anyway, I had another distracted day so I wasn't up here sharing All Things Lovely. So this is all you get for today...which is actually my evening. I will be back to my usual self soon enough.


rob said...

Congrats. I like this a lot!

Monica - I'm kind of a hack of a designer. Any tips for picking out good color swatches?

Monique said...

Congrats lady, this print is awesome. I discovered society 6 recently and love their prints.