23 January 2013

< Throw A Top On It >

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Throw a shirt, sweatshirt or sweater on top of a dress. A new dress or an old dress. A stained dress that needs covering up. A low cut dress or sleeveless dress that needs covering up. I love this easy technique, and it's great if you love mixing and matching patterns. I have that sweater from SheInside and last Sunday for church I threw it on top of a sleeveless dress. It was soft and comfy. This technique probably isn't for everyone because honestly, you have to be able to do it right. But give it a try!

Outfit 1//Dress|Shirt|Boots|Earrings|Snood
Outfit 2//Dress|Sweater|Boots|Necklace
Past SheInside/Topshop outfit ideas//1

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Jenn said...

I actually did this last week and at the time I had every intention of it seeming "frumpy" but I actually got compliments on it. #winning and I didn't even know it :)