24 January 2013

< Of Monsters And Men New Video >

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In LOVE with Of Monsters and Men's new music video. You can tell they are truly artists by the fact that they hired someone to make them such beautiful and artistic videos. If that makes sense. There are sooo many dumb music videos out there, it's good to see a music video that not only stands alone artistically, but also matches the dreamworld the song creates. You can see their other amazing music video, here. They both make me wish the style of these videos were put into actual films. Wouldn't that be amazing?

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Natalie said...

We just watched the video, me and the girls, and we didn't like the ending. It was sad. The girls are all sad now, thanks. Great imagery though. She should of floated up to the space ship to be with the boy or something.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

im thinkiing that this video is a two parter? maybe one of their other songs has the ending? im going to look into that and find out why it ended that way.