29 January 2013

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I have 3 stacked crates in our bedroom and I love it. They were cheap and easy. If you can find some, I highly recommend using them in your home. There are a variety of ways to use them--not all great{PLEASE don't paint them ugly primary colors}, but here are a few I love. Just make sure to sand them if you are going to keep them in their natural wood. Otherwise, ouch! Here is one tutorial of how to hang the heavy crates, in case you need it.

1//Paint one simple crate black to use as shelving
2//Crates as home entry shelving. I don't love that they are packed with shoes, but I love the concept. I believe in not too many shoes in the entry--shoes should be in bedroom, main shoes in entry.
3//Love this modern rustic stack of crates--LOVE white dishes, which looks great in rustic crates.
4//Natural crates look great in a modern home. I am personally not a fan of rustic homes, but I love occasional rustic pieces in a modern home.
5//Love this idea--legs for the crate shelving. Also love the top crate and bottom panel painted.
6//Again, the rustic crate as shelving in a modern home. I also love the way these are stacked.
7//I love the idea of putting the crates together as a coffee table!--don't love the styling of this particular one, but I love the concept.
8//LOVE. Again, the rustic meets modern. Love that they are on wheels--adds a nice industrial feel to them.
9//Love the use of crates as shelving in the bathroom. Great for towels and other pretty bathroom supplies that you want to showcase.
10//LOVE. Easy too. Love a crate that is painted on either just the outside or just the inside. Great for a bedside table or mini table anywhere in the home. Ideally, paint white.


Allison said...

We use crates for our nightstands, too! They work so well and you can't beat the price.

stephanie said...

Yeah, I'm loving the crates I see on Pinterest. The best are those shoe shelves in the different colors - I love that they have shoe shelves hanging on the wall.