21 January 2013

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Growing up we didn't own any sort of video game console. However, I would get minor amounts of play time at various people's homes. At high school age, I was in Hong Kong for a few weeks and while there, for the first time I played Mario Kart. It was love at first play. Mostly I loved it because I am typically bad at video games however Mario Kart, though I wasn't very good at, was at least fun. Jachen owns/we own a playstation and when first married I found out that Mario Kart only works on a Wii when I had asked him if we could get the game. So bummed.

Jachen owns these two great games LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2...probably the coolest video games I have seen...which I actually enjoy playing because I semi do well and it has a cool design. This Fall we found out the makers of the game created a Karting game! We downloaded the demo and I was happy to find out it was awesome and very very similar to Mario Kart! So we waited eagerly to buy it at home during Christmastime. As you can see from the video of us playing on Saturday that it's a keeper.

This game is clean and fun...which is, I have noticed, hard to come by. I love being able to design a sackboy...which you can do in all Little Big Planet games, but in Karting you can also create your racer car as well. So fun. Also what is fun, well for people like Jachen, not me, is that you can create your own levels and share them with other players via online, so the amount of levels of Little Big Planet games are pretty endless.

Annnyway...If you are bored you can check out the above video from some videos I took of us playing on Saturday. I am the bottom racer...you will notice I always run into things and almost always get in last place. I can't wait until we are living in the USA and family and friends can come over to play Karting. Is that weird that I am excited for that? ya, probably.


Allison said...

We got that game for Christmas too! It's so fun to play with a group of people.

Amy said...

I love LittleBigPlanet! I've only played it once. We have an XBox and I don't think they make it for that. But now I want to check again because I really want to play it.