11 December 2012

< Inspiring Spaces//Part Seven >

Remember when I used to post inspiring spaces?, sheesh, it's been too long since the last one. I haven't stopped drooling over spaces nor stopped collecting...so it's time I am back with some fav spaces.

I am IN LOVE with open/exposed cupboards. This is especially great if you have some pretty dishware and tableware in need of some showing off. Besides just looking good, I think it's also a motivator to keep your cupboards nice, tidy and minimal. I love how the 4th kitchen has the exposed cupboards up to the ceiling, smart use of the space. ALSO I love all the white dishware in these cupboards...white is my favorite type of dishware. {we have white now, and when we move to the States I will get new all white}

What do you think of open cupboards?
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