03 December 2012

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Our last Christmastime in Switzerland, exciting and hard to believe. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we set up Christmas in our living room and this past Saturday we went to Konstanz Germany to go to the Christmas market there...almost every city has one here, but we like going to the one in Konstanz. Last year when we went I hardly took any photos, so this year I took video so you could see more of what goes on there. Our plan was to first do some mall shopping, which is across the street from where the market is, and we arrived at the mall before the shops opened so we sat at a cafe in the mall and drank delicious hot chocolate til the shops opened. After zero success in shopping...typical for these parts...we made our way to the market. I will miss this fun tradition when we move to the States.

On the 19th of this month we will pack up Christmas...throw some away and literally pack up the rest to take to Seattle. Luckily a lot of our Christmas decor is somewhat replaceable AND I cannot wait to have normal christmas lights on our tree...the ones we have are obnoxious {the ends don't connect and the lights are too spaced out}.

I love when the lights on the tree are the only lights on in the house. My favorite.
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rob said...

I really want one of those cinnamon dough tunnels!

kelsie rae. said...

I wish we had Christmas Markets with Camels, how fun!

Natalie said...

I agree with Rob!! Those are really cool, and yummy looking.