05 December 2012

< My Unofficial Official Wish List >

I post on here things I love and drool over all the time, so I thought I would post some things I am actually in the market for for reals these days. Things I will be searching for while in the States at Christmastime.
^Tennis shoes and/or running shoes//mine now are dying 1|2|3
^Some fun new flats//in LOVE with these spotted flats and the leopard print pair
^A fun cardigan//in love with this spotted one from Target.
^A new fleece jacket for running//and when I say running I mean jogging/walking.
^A LARGE and in charge sterling silver turquoise stone ring//like unto the one pictured. I have wanted one forevvvver and it's high time.
^I NEED a black and white scarf//one that will work in winter and summer...so not this one pictured cus this one is knit. But something bold and dynamic like it. Any ideas of where to find one? I have checked almost everywhere.
^Ralph by Ralph Lauren//love this smell. Been wanting it forevs.
^Essie Penny Talk nail polish.
^Fun new lipstick colors//I just have red right now.
^Laptop sleeve//my current laptop sleeve is molding...yup...not this particular one, no way would I spend $80 on something like that...but it sure is lovely. {actually i need to try washing my molding one first}

So there you have it, the secret inner workings of my current shopping list.
Ps I just bought THESE beauties. Just got THIS journal and THIS purse.


Andrea Carol said...

That ring is gorgeous, I can totally see why you've been lusting it

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

@ Andrea//and yes if this ring came in a smaller size i would snatch it right up!

kaitlin said...

the main things i'm loving from this list is the ralph lauren smell (need) and the laptop case.
how is it molding? how is the mold situation coming??!