05 November 2012

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YUP. Love. Only a few more weeks of "Fall" then it switches to Christmas/Winter. Ahhh. Aren't we all both excited and sad for that? I know I am. Luckily most Fall things transition into Winter, like all these.

Clearly that cloak is pricey, like things are often{on this blog}, but not only do I like to show them anyway cus they are well designed and beautiful, but also to inspire you to look for an alternative in your price range. With that said, I think cloaks are the new coats for this coming winter so I am sure there will be many to choose from. And isn't that a darling peacoat?? I am in love with these Threshold pieces at Target right now, great for Fall, Winter and even all year round.

Don't you just love November?
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danielle p. said...

i want that reindeer sweater. how cute!!

Julene said...

i want.....everything!