22 November 2012

< Oh HAPPY Day >

This year has been hard, but also Jachen and I have had so much to be thankful for. We are thankful for those hard times that bring us closer together and teach us lessons and we are thankful for the good and happy times.

Some things we are thankful for in 2012...
\\for the MOVE into our current home and the new wonderful city we have enjoyed
\\seeing so much of my FAMILY. When my dad came in April for business, when my sisters family came in June and for when my parents came in July to visit us. We are so thankful for those very very happy visits.
\\for the many wonderful SKYPE chats with my family
\\for the PEOPLE in our lives that have given us support, love and friendship
\\living by the LAKE which was a fun aspect to our summer this year
\\for SURVIVING yet another year financially while still being able to save money
\\for having lots of fun BLOGGING and getting to start my SOCIETY6 shop
\\for the many ADVENTURES we were able to take this year to enjoy living in this part
of the world
\\for our trip to PARIS
\\for taking steps towards our moving to the USA
\\for the gift we were given to fly home to SEATTLE for this year's Christmas
\\and of course a whole years worth of being thankful we are MARRIED to one another and for
getting to live each day with our best friend

Hope you have a fun and delicious Thanksgiving today!

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