08 November 2012

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THIS project continues to keep me busy, but a new project has surfaced...I am designing/creating a new blog for my photography! My old photography blog is rather embarrassing. Jachen had the idea last week for me to create a new fresh{or is it 'fresh new'?} photography blog/portfolio to direct people to when someone wants to see my photographs...so today that is what I have been working on. I am still currently working on it so you will be seeing lots of updates the next few days and weeks and soon all my favorite photos I have taken will be in one cozy place.

Also, while in the process, I am revamping this here blog again. I love having LOTS of design/art on my sidebars, but golly was it getting busy. There is now a search bar, which is pretty exciting. I am pausing the blog updating to post this post, so if you happen upon my blog at this time, you may see things changing and disappearing.

If you want to check out my new photography blog/portfolio you can go here.

1 comment:

kaitlin said...

love it!!
i'm excited for more pictures on there!