18 November 2012

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Regional Dialect from Monica Duschletta on Vimeo.
I watched two 'regional dialect' vlogs, THIS is one of them where I read off the words and questions, this past week and thought it would be fun to do one with the Jachenator...since his regional dialect is far more interesting than my own/I have been wanting to do a video with Jachen so this served as the perfect reason.

So here we are!

also, I failed to mention Romansch is one of the 4 country's languages, but is only spoken currently by about 1% of the population...Jachen's grandma being one of them. {cus she is from the Romansch area}

.....and sorry for being Cyclops for pretty much the whole video. I wasn't aware I was so Cyclops-y until production. Whoops.


kaitlin said...

i loved that!!!!!
so fun.
that jachen is a funny one.

Natalie said...

Mark likes your lipstick! Um, kinda bothersome to only see half your head the whole time Monica, I wanted to shove your head over.....but our favorite swiss german word was rainbow, love it.....Jachie, please tell us that word again when you are here! That was fun guys!!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

i know, i said i didn't realize while doing it how much i was out of the video. Originally jachen was sitting right next to me so it was harder for us to share the screen, so when he moved up to the couch I didnt think about moving the computer. Anway, that doesnt matter. The point was people heard me instead of just seeing pictures of me on my blog.

yes, rainbow is funny. he will make sure to say it when we come for christmas. jachen and i should make a list of the funny sounding words so he can share them.

Jennifer said...

this was so cool to watch. i kinda wanna do this just because people always say i say words weird/funny. i would also enjoy doing the sign language equivelent of the words. no fancy spoken languages over in this house though