16 November 2012

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Plopping. It's all about plopping. My friend Krystal shared with me this tip a few weeks ago and I have never gone back. Clearly this works best if you have a natural curl or wave, but basically it accentuates your curls and also helps your hair closer to the roots have texture and curl/wave.

This is what I do.
1. after showering I try and get as much water out of my hair as I can
2. brush my hair and use a bit of Aussie Hair Insurance Leave in Conditioner to help detangle my curls
3. then I get a t-shirt NOT a towel...not to big of a tshirt
4. I put my shirt down on my bed and use THIS technique to plop my hair/tie the shirt on my head
5. it may take you a couple tries til you figure out how to do it, but as long as your hair is plopped on top of your head and your t-shirt is securely on you will be fine. Your t-shirt should/will be pretty dang secure if you do it right.
6. you can wait as long as you want/can to take off your plop. My hair takes FOREVER to dry because it's so thick, so I usually keep it in for several hours. If you don't have several hours I also tried leaving it in for just like an hour once and it still showed results. You will just have to test it out and see how long it works best for you.
7. after taking my hair out of the t-shirt plop, I then put in my Curls Rock{which you can get at Target or Walmart} or you can use whatever gel or treatment to hold your curls. You could probably add product in before putting your hair in the t-shirt, but my routine is after.
8. you can either continue to air dry or use your defuser
9. and viola! better curls!

**The key is to use a t-shirt. T-shirts are MUCH better for curls.

Here is a picture of my hair before I started plopping, kinda hard to see, but you should be able to see that the hair at the top of my head/near the roots is more straight. You can also see, hopefully, in my plopping picture there is more body overall to my hair than in the before picture.

If you have questions let me know! This way of drying my curls seriously makes a huge difference.
Good luck and happy curls!!

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Amy said...

Thanks for sharing this tip! I really love curly hair, but mine is mostly straight. I'm excited to try this to see how it works for me.