14 November 2012

< 1 Gal, 1 Dress, 4 Different Ways >

One cool Seattle gal, one dress, 4 different ways on 4 different days. A simple black knit dress taken four different ways and don't be afraid to get fancy with a simple knit dress. The best thing about a simple solid dress is being able to dress it up fancy or dress it down casual.

Look good and feel good whatever your agenda.
One Dress Part//One
Casual on-the-girl Gal//Dress|Tshirt|Cardi|Sneakers
Glam Chic Gal//Dress//Sequin Top|Leather Jacket|Heels
Spunky Working Gal//Top|Necklace|Blazer|Boots
Rockin' City Gal//Earrings|Denim Shirt|Boots

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