17 October 2012

< Christmas In The Northwest >

Well, I have some VERY exciting news to share today....

Jachen and I will be spending Christmas in Seattle this year!! We are thrilllled, beyond thrilled. This is actually something we knew about since right before we left to Paris...October 2nd to be exact. October 2nd which when I woke up that morning I thought would just be an ordinary day, but it turned out to be THE best day.

Jachen called me that day with the news and of course I felt shock and excitement. After I got off the phone with him I started bawling. I couldn't believe I had the chance to see my family let alone see them during the Christmas season. Even now it gets me emotional. I am still so so thankful. I never ever thought this would be happening. I have dreamt, literally dreamt as well, about this happening and for it to be REAL???? OH my. Actually, it makes me laugh about how much I have dreamt about me being in the States and every time I dream about it I tell someone in the dream how I live in Switzerland and we are just visiting...which would never be the case in real life because we planned on the next time being home to be when we move for good. So now my dream is literally coming true. Funny.

I expressed a few days ago my homesickness, and part of that was due to the fact that I knew I would be flying home soon{but I couldn't say that then because my family still hadn't heard that we were coming}. Christmas has been on my mind since before Paris, so we have both been very anxious for Christmas.

So we found out Oct 2nd and decided to wait til our tickets were purchased before we told my family, I wanted it to be real and official before I told them such news. BUT of course we had to tell my dad first to confirm we could come and let him know about the dates to make sure it would be fine to come when we could. So after Paris, we couldn't hold it in any longer. We skyped my dad then a week later after the tickets were purchased, that very same day, Jachen and I woke up at 1:30 am so we could skype my family while they were all together for family Sunday dinner/celebrating my sisters birthday. They were of course excited when they heard the news.

It's truly amazing how much we need this and how thankful we feel for this answer to our prayers. Not only do we get to see my family, but we get to go to a place we both love. AND we get to see friends too, that is also happy. Also, it will be great because honestly, I need a reminder of what it's like to live/be in the States...cus sometimes I forget and I get a bit nervous thinking we are moving there for reals soon and not knowing what it will be like is kinda scary. So I am hoping this trip will assure me that we will be fine living there. Also, this gives us a chance to talk to schools there for Jachen and maybe even look into jobs. It also gives us the chance to bring back two large suitcases of our belongings which means less shipping when we move. It also gives us the chance to not have to mail half our gifts we are giving{the other half is going to Florida where my bros family lives} and to be able to give them in person. It also gives us the chance to see The Hobbit and Les Mis in cheaper theaters. Also gives us the chance to eat delicious food and do some much needed shopping.

We will be there 16 whole dayssss. What a joyous thing.
Can I get a round of applause?


Mel said...

Yey!!!! I'm so happy for you!! And that for a whole 16 days! :) That must be the best christmas gift ever :)

Amy said...

Monica, that is so exciting! It's always nice to go home, but it's even better at Christmas! Yay for you guys!

Natalie said...

hip hip hooray! We are super excited. It seems so unreal that we will be seeing you in just 2 months. The kids are super excited, it's gonna be a fun time!