30 October 2012

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How do you frame? How do you display your art and pictures? These are some ideas for framing that I am liking these days...
::the stacking in front of each other on mid shelf and low shelf. This look looks best with larger frames, like in this picture. If you have a nice big wall and have nice big photos, this is a great use of the space.
::I like this idea of having extra art in a huge basket...to sift through like at a store or gallery. A better idea then art hiding away not hung on the wall.
::I love this idea of a huge frame leaning against a wall. A great way to keep a lot of smaller photos together in a clean well designed way. Adds a great look to any space.
::a WALL of framed art and/or photographs...is a dream. This is an example of matching frames with all black and white photos, but this will also look great with mismatching frames of color and black and white pictures.
For me I love lots and lots of art and photographs displayed, and these are some examples of ways to showcase all those nicely.

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Julene said...

love all the black and white photos in the first one. i want to do that in my house!