17 September 2012

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Urban Outfitters home time!

Remember these flower paintings by Lulie Wallace? Now at Urban you can purchase her flowers as two different stick on wall murals! So great. Amazing colors, beautiful flowers.

What a cool camera piggy bank. Would be a fun way to save money for a new camera or camera goodies. What a fun way to hang a special piece on the wall with that fox hanger.

Want all, love all.


Kyla said...

I love Urban Outfitters home items, I hardly ever buy clothes from them but I have so many knick-knacks from there :) I love all these chairs, and the bright paintings!

Anonymous said...

ahh i LOVE urban outfitters! i just bought some clothes there recently. well, i'm just so glad I found your blog cuz its aweseome. & you're lovely :)

Natalie said...

I want that USA table so so so bad. Seriously.

Julene said...

i. love. urban. outfitter.