01 September 2012

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Today we celebrated that it was the first day of September! Even if September surprises us with some nice weather it will still be Fall to me. To start the celebration off we turned on Fleet Foxes on Vinyl{a must} and listened to the sweet sound of Fall while we got ready for the day. I wore my favorite Fall scented perfume...guys...it's amazing...smells like a spicey apple cider + something else that smells a lot like Fall smell...I can't celebrate the first day of Fall without it. Then we headed into St. Gallen, while listening to The Head and The Heart{another Fallish type album}, and spent the morning and early afternoon there. Went in our favorite bookstore, went shopping for new pants for Jachen, found me an amazing perfect sweater cardigan, searched stores for new boots for me{no luck} and then ended our city stay with some lunch.

THEN when we got home we were both eager to 'fashion show' Jachen's new pants and jeans with his clothes, which then turned into a bit of a photo shoot. Doesn't Jachen look like a professor? A cute professor for sure. He is into this new style where he wears his plaid shirts with his skinny ties. I remember the day when he wouldn't even wear jeans...jeans!...my boy is growing up. Then after our long fashion show/photoshoot we threw on our scarfs and flanel and went out for a walk in our wonderful city. By the way it was super Fall weather today, overcast and a few moments of sprinkling. Pure joy. After our walk we did some more celebrating by making/drinking hot chocolate.

What a fun day commencing the celebrating of Fall. I LOVE Fall!!

ps. Jachen insisted there was a "going to a Mariners game" photo.
pps. that is my gold shirt{and scarf and head pieces} he is wearing...so don't think he is weirdy
and owns those things.


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Leah said...

FALL! I am so excited. I really do enjoy fall in Rexburg. Here in AZ it's still like 110 every day. Oy. Luckily I leave for Rburg and cooler temps next week!

And, I want to know more about this perfume. Like what is it called, because I NEED to smell it. It sounds like heaven.