14 August 2012

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I just realized today that Keane has a new album out called Strangeland that came out in May. Sheesh, can't believe I was not informed about this! I will need to get this album pronto, it sounds great.

I love Keane. They have a special place in my heart that dates back to summer 2004 in Boston while shopping at H&M with my sister for our very first time {H&M blew our minds, this is back when H&M was only on the East Coast so we hadn't heard of it before} and their video Somewhere Only We Know was playing on the tv screens in the H&M. It was such a great day that when I hear a Keane song it takes me back to our time in Boston. Isn't it amazing how music can connect memories like that?
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Julene said...

cool music, cool picture.