16 July 2012

|| Weekend and Blog Design Update ||

Was it a happy weekend for you? I hope so. This weekend I finallllly updated my blog. Some of what was going on was not quite right, or maybe I was just getting bored with it. Not only did I redesign and rearrange some things on my blog, but Jachen helped me add the page tabs up yonder. Which for now is fine, someday I want to design my own. So check them out!

Also this weekend, I made delicious strawberry shakes, we haven't eaten one shake since we moved here and it was about time! We went on a walk which was something we haven't done together for a few weeks and while on our walk we saw this cute old man having a hard time walking with his bag of groceries. We saw him stop every so often and sit and rest. Jachen asked him if he needed help carrying his bag home, but the old man said he didn't...even though he clearly did. I wish we could have helped him. This kind of thing breaks my heart. Sunday afternoon we drove to Jachen's friend's to pick up her bike she is letting me borrow and then we drove to Jachen's dad's to get his bike that Jachen will borrow this summer. When we got home we tried out the bikes since neither of us have ridden a bike for years and I suck. Holy cow. Her bike is short, but clearly not short enough for me. Jachen managed to lower the bike seat and I changed my shoes from my flat Toms to my running shoes that have more height and that helped. But still, I am not gonna lie riding a bike freaks me out especially since I can't touch the ground well enough. I will have to practice another day. 

This coming weekend my parents will be here in Switzy!! Huzzah!

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kaitlin said...

i love the new design! i noticed it before i saw this post, i thought it was great.

also, yes riding a bike is scary!! hah the first time i did it a bit ago with tim i could barely turn around, going straight is okay but turning is the tricky part! but now i'm practically a pro, hah we ride them once or twice a week and it's so fun and such a summery thing to do i feel like.