11 July 2012

|| Random Thoughts As Of Late ||


I love tv and movies, but I would say I am pretty picky for myself on what I like to watch. I don't like watching junk. I don't like shows with petty, lying, no morals teenagers and grownups. I am always surprised by the junky gossipy, high schoolish shows people are watching. I recently stumbled upon Bunheads which is in it's first season. When I first started watching it really reminded me of Gilmore Girls, then I realized it was from the creator of Gilmore Girls, makes sense. It's a funny, entertaining and clean{which I really like} show about dancers and the new mixed up life of the lead role by actress Sutton Foster. The teenage girls are the girl next door type girls, are mega darling and witty. Sutton's character is seriously funny and I am always sad when the episode is over. Do you watch?

Ps. are you watching So You Think You Can Dance?? Great season already, I can't pick a favorite yet.

Remember how I was really looking forward to sunny summer? I'm over it...ready for Fall. ha. Is there a place in the world where it's fall weather all year around? If so, can I move there? I hate heat. hate. 

My sister Alicia had a baby July 6th! Little Isabelle has finally arrive. She will be about a year old when I get to meet her for the first time. Blah. 

My parents come in a little over a week for a visit! Can't wait for that, it will be so so nice to have them here. I can't wait to hit up France again!

I am happy my friend Julene and Betsy are planning to come visit here in October. I am excited for Julene to visit beautiful Europe. 

The last couple years I have noticed my stressing out about certain relationships in my life and the way I think about relationships. Especially when you move far away and have very little real contact with people, it's easy to notice. A while ago I realized that for me it's really important who I spend my time with and I really don't enjoy spending time with just anyone anymore. I think I have started to really value having people in my life that I trust and that I have things in common with. REAL in common with. Before, in college, I would hang out with those I came in contact with, which is not a bad thing, I had my close friends who I loved/love, but there comes a time when you realize I want realllly good friends that value my friendship back just as much and not just a lot of good friends I enjoy doing things with. If that makes sense. A few months ago I had to let go a friend who I decided was not the type of influence I wanted in my life. I still care about him, and if he ever needed me I would be there, but I had to let go. I just can't live with certain relationships. The last few weeks I have realized I needed to not stress out about relationships, I realized I was expecting too much out of people and when they would let me down I would be down about it. I decided enough was enough. I decided instead of thinking of a relationship in terms of what it was or what I want it to be, that I need to think of those relationships in terms of what it actually is and is currently. I decided it was okay to "let go" and be okay with letting go. So far this mentality has actually released a lot of stress. I don't know if any of this makes sense how I am wording it, but it's a big part of my mentality these last few months and it has been a huge relief. 

This past year or so I have also realized that it's okay to not only let go of people, but wants/dreams. I have realized circumstances change and because new circumstances arise I may have to be okay with certain other things. Meaning, my dream has always been to visit Paris. I had the chance once a few years ago, but luckily I didn't go{long story}. I vowed while living here in Switzerland, being so close to Paris that we would go. Since we have now decided to move to the States earlier than planned, next spring cross your fingers, that would mean we have only this September to go visit Paris{because I refuse to go in the snow}. Money is so so tight right now with unexpected bills and saving to move to the States as well as saving to pay for the green card for Jachen all while I don't have a job. I have excepted in my brain that my dream of going to Paris might not happen. HOWEVER, Jachen and I have decided that worst case we go for one day...one day is not enough, but enough too...one day is better than zero. It breaks my heart a little, but I would rather save to move to the States. So giving up this dream/want for another dream/want is okay too. I can't always have both. 

Switzerland makes me angry, a lot. I hate being angry. 

I am dying to play Monopoly Deal again. 

I can't believe it's mid July already. Well almost mid. 

Watching Avatar while writing which I have seen a few times outside of the theatre, but I am just now realizing how much better it really is in 3D. 

That dog is barking, I still want to throw something at it or yell at the stupid owner to shut it up. But I don't because I am not that person...I just think like that person. ha. 

We found a big Migros grocery store a few minutes by highway from our home, one we hadn't known about before and went to it the other day. So big. I LOVE a big Migros. What is it about a big nice European grocery store? My goal is to record some of it next time we go so you can see what I mean. 

Jachen and I have been watching the Harry Potter movies{for the millionth time obvi} and gosh, so good. I don't think I can ever be sick of those movies. 

Finished The Hobbit, which I said I would post more about when I finished, butttt I probably wont. So here is a little more. Holy cow it was GREAT. I love the style of writing and the story telling aspect, I can totally picture Tolkien telling these stories to his kids. I love how "Bilbo" talks to us as the readers sometimes. I love the adventure on every page turn and the epic characters. And the HUMOR! I thought about the book constantly when I wasn't reading it. CanNOT wait for the movie.

Okay, the end. 


Natalie said...

Hi rambling. I love it though. Sometimes you gotta get it out. But don't be angry at Switzerland. You talk of letting go of relationships, maybe you need to let go of your Switzerland expectations and just live in the moment of it and enjoy it. It's all about your perspective my dear.
P.s. I really want to read the hobbit after hearing what you have to say...but you know me, I dont quite read much...have 3 books I am waiting to get around to. blah.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I mostly live in the moment here. I do try, but it also makes me angry. And when it makes me angry, it makes me really angry. But im sure its hard to understand if you don't live across the world in a country you don't 'know' to understand what it's like.

READ IT. it's such a fast read. you should read it to leah. all you have to do is read 15 min a day{ha like the scriptures} bring the book where you go...when waiting in line somewhere, read. when at the park read. although its also fun to day dream in stead of read at those places.