12 July 2012

|| Albums Of Summer//Part Four ||

Band//Album//Songs to look for
Rogue Valley//False Doors//False Doors, Orion, The Scattering Moon, Onward and Over
The Tallest Man On Earth//There's No Leaving Now//Just Grow Away, Revelation Blues, 1904, Wind and Walls
Apparat//The Devil's Walk//Ash Black Veil, Escape, Sweet Unrest
Wolf Gang//Suego Faults//Lions in Cages, Something Unusual, Suego Faults, The King and All His Men

**LISTEN to some of the songs above HERE on my 8tracks player. 

All songs on each of these albums are great. If you like the songs I suggested you will like the whole album. Each of these are very different artists, which I like to surround myself with. I don't like to stick with just one style...as you know.

The Rogue Valley album is the bands winter album, they have an album for each season...cool...however this album reminds me of Fall mostly{but I can also picture winter}. So not a "summer" album, but still great music and still great to lead into your Fall playlist. I like this album of theirs the best, however check out the song Rose Festival on their summer album called The Bookseller's House.

Part 1|2|3 **I just made an 8tracks mix for each part as well, so go take a listen.
AND you can still download the summer music mix here

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