20 June 2012

|| Stunning Nature//The Hobbit ||

Lovely. I have been thinking a lot about nature lately because I have been engrossed in the book The Hobbit. I thoroughly enjoy the merry tale that's filled with adventure, magic, mystical characters and creatures. As you know these stories take place in such majestic surroundings and I cannot wait to see what beauty fills the upcoming movie. Every page in the book gets me excited for the movie and I would highly suggest reading the book in general, but even more so before The Hobbit comes out.  

If you need help convincing yourself to read the book, when I finish the book I will write more about it and then you will be convinced. :) So stay tuned for that. Right now I am just over half way through and every single page is delicious to read. Have you already read it?
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Leah said...

Girl, I love The Hobbit! Read it once in 7th grade and once in 8th. I'm thinking I should pick up a copy one more time before the movie comes out!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Yes! Yes, you should reread it. I am so excited to see how they interpret the book.