21 June 2012

|| Nylands In Da House ||

Guess who we are picking up from the Zurich airport tomorrow morning...my sister Stephanie, her husband Rob and baby Henry, that's who. I can't wait to have family here to visit us in Switzerland and can't wait to show them our life here. Can.not.wait. Henry was born a few days after we moved here and though I feel like I have gotten to know him via Skype, Instagram and the videos my sister would send me, none of that will compare to real life. Finally Henry will know Jachen and I are real and not just weird moving and talking heads on their computer. Can.not.wait. 

They are at the airport now soon to fly off and we are here putting the finishing touches on our preparations for their arrival. I feel so anxious and I am sure they are too. I just hope I can sleep tonight and I hope Henry will be good to them on the plane. I hope our little apartment is up for the challenge and I hope they are up for the challenge of our little apt. I hope we can give them the best Swiss experience. I hope they won't have too much jet lag and I hope we have good weather. I hope I can take in each moment with them and simply just enjoy.

Soon there will be picture overload from all of our favorite Swiss places we will take them to as well as our time in Italy with them. I am so so excited to see all my favorite places again{seriously excited}, but I am most looking forward to being with those I love and know. Can.not.wait.


Mel said...

YEY! So excited for you!! family visits are the best!

Natalie said...

yeah yeah yeah, I am so excited for all of you. And I cant wait to see all the photos of your adventure.

Life etc... said...

Such a lovely post. Hope you have the best of times with your family! :)

Life Etc