15 June 2012

|| Ideas For Wearing All One Color ||

I have seen some really amazing outfits these days that consist all of one color. I LOVE how that looks. I think it's one of those things that only works though if it's done right. Hopefully if you try out wearing all one color you have an eye for what pieces work well with this style. I have put together these all one color ideas for you as well as my previous post about wearing all grey. I think this can be an easy fun way of using the clothes you already have to add new variety to your wardrobe.

You can do different shades of a color, it doesn't have to be the EXACT color head to toe. I choose to show soft pastel colors for these examples, but you can use all shades of color. You can wear maroon jeans with a red shirt and red shoes if you wanted. You can really have fun and mix it up while keeping it all in the same color family. But it's also important not to wear head to toe of the less pretty{ugly} colors unless they are very styled, refined and modern pieces of clothing. For example you could be wearing a bright orange dress with a tangerine or peach cardigan with bright orange sandals and that would be cute. So like I said, hopefully you have an eye for what works.

I have always thought it would be fun to be one of those girls that wears all black all the time. Not goth like, but MAC girl working at the MAC counter in Nordstrom like, if that makes sense. I think there is something cool and sophisticated about a great all black outfit and I think there is something really fresh about these outfits above and I would love to wear all of them.

What do you think about all one color outfits? I hope you try, I think it can be realllly fun.
ps. those aqua Matiko boots are amazing.
Source Topshop|Romwe|Zappos


Allie said...

the mint jeans.

Falkewinkel.nl said...

This is very nice collection of thoughts, or reasons I’d better say, for wearing a uni-color wardrobe. Well, I personally like trying one-color clothes, as they give a kind of homogeny to me and that feels great to me. I really like you post..

Natalie said...

I have always been afraid to wear all one color...I really dont know why. But I have always liked how it looks. Great post, great clothes, the aqua is my favorite.