17 June 2012

|| Happy Father's Day Pops ||


My dad is grandtastic. He is a big deal around our family. He is a great story teller and always has something either interesting, funny or informative to say, he is an amazing cook and die hard kayaker.

He taught us to camp, kayak, listen to great music, cook with a dutch oven, be creative, to use the dictionary instead of asking him how to spell a word{eye roll}, how to 'be cool and not drool', how to keep busy and be productive, how to be silly, to be kind and loving, to be a goofball, to enjoy baseball, how to watch quality tv, how to trust, how to put family first, that going on family drives is fun and how experiencing cultures, the arts and traveling are valuable aspects of life and help build character. I have learned so much from this father of mine and he is one of my favorite people to spend time with. Many, many of my fondest memories I owe to him.

One of my fondest memories of my father is when I was driving with him to the post office many years ago and on the road across from where we were driving we saw a guy and a girl fighting as they were walking. The guy started to become a little physical with the girl and my dad slammed his breaks, rolled down his car window and yelled at the guy to leave that girl alone and luckily the guy took my dad serious and cooled his jets. One of the many moments I was proud of him being my father.


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Hannah said...

aww this is a lovely post, such great photos too.

My Dad was at work all day today so we couldn't spoil him!