24 June 2012

|| Day Three With Nylands ||

Day Three//After church we drove up the mountains to see the village and home we used to live in. They met Jachen's grandparents as well. Then we drove around the beautiful mountain hills and drove up to the base of the Santis Mountain where there was an old car show going on, some seriously amazing vintage european cars. More driving through windy Swiss roads and mountains and had a picnic lunch in a meadow. Then we headed back home to rest, we are really good at resting. We had Raclette for dinner, a traditional Swiss meal...look it up if you don't know what it is and want to know what it is. After dinner we prepared for our trip to Italy taking place tomorrow and the Nylands got their bags ready. Tomorrow we are spending the day on Lake Como, Italy then the Nylands go on to Milan and Venice while we drive back home. We will pick them up in Zurich on Friday after their Italy fun.

We have had such nice weather, almost too nice. Our small flat has surprisingly not been too small feeling for all these bodies living in it. Henry is so so fun and so so cute, like I said before. He loves playing on mine and Jachen's bed because our bed is low to the ground and he can climb up on it himself.
The video I mentioned yesterday that I tried to upload, here it is now.

ps. today I just used my ipod to take photos. big mistake, I always forget how bad of quality the pictures are with the camera on my ipod. tomorrow in Italy, i will for sure be using my digital slr.


Jennifer said...

that boy is completely darling!

Natalie said...

LOVE the video of Henry! Love all the fun you are all having. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love that you went to see Jachen's grandparents. I cant wait to see Italy.

joslin said...

oh man seriously ADORABLE! he is so cute. looks like you guys are having funnnn! jealous.