14 June 2012

|| Boy Clothes And Baby Names ||

Photobucket I love boy clothes.
I have had babies on my mind crazy a lot these last several months for a few reasons. 1. I miss babies and wish I could hold one RIGHT NOW 2. my nephew Henry who was born right after we moved here to Switzerland is coming very very soon and I can't wait 3. family and friends have had or are soon to have babies all in which I want to hold and see in real life 4. I want a baby for my own{but it's probably cus I am just lonely during the day when Jachen is at work}.

It has been decided for many years now that I want a boy first and years before that I decided his name. Why? I like the idea of a boy being the oldest in the family and mostly, just because. Also, now that I am married to Jachen I can't wait to have a mini Jachen. Obviously I would love a girl to come first too, but I am pretty determined to have a boy first. Ha. I have our first girl's name picked out as well, well subject to change however I am pretty sure it's the one. It will be a couple years until this all realllly will be decided, but it's always fun to imagine and plan out. 

Are you someone who keeps the name a surprise until the baby is born or do you share the name at the beginning? I am a keep the name a surprise until I am actually pregnant then share the name. I don't like when people keep the name a surprise through the whole pregnancy, drives me nuts! Luckily Jachen and I both agree on names. But sheesh, still a few years til this all really happens. Sorry folks. I wish it was now but we will be waiting until we are back in the States to start our family.
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PDCScarbroughpage said...

I definitely have a name picked out before the babe is born. I can't stand calling it a pumpkin or baby or sprout or whatever, cute as that may be for the first 20 weeks. I also wouldn't be able to not find out the gender unless it was my 5th and I had two of each- and that ain't happening! But we do share the name once we know the gender.