16 May 2012

|| Surprise Is RIGHT! ||

Photobucket Also a funny little surprise was left for me on the USB, I will never delete them...a picture of the gift giver herself and a definition of the word surprise, ha. She knows how to surprise a girl.
I got a little surprise in the mail yesterday, well I knew something was on it's way, but not sure what it would be. I was hopppping it was Julene herself stuffed in a box. I guess not, but she did send me the above! The sly girl. I have been wanting one of those camera lens mugs forEVER. And ever. I used it today with some blueberry tea...the mug is magical. It even kept my tea hot for me longer than a ceramic mug does. And it's nice and light and cozy{cosy?} to hold. AND I am obsesssed with the camera usb drive. It is by far the cutest thing and now cutest thing I own, and I own a lot of cute things. When I first took it out of the package I thought it was a cute camera eraser{cus it's like rubbery or is rubber}, but Jachen read me the note attached to the usb{which I will be leaving on} that announced it was a usb! Simply adorable. And bravo for Julene getting me Canon products, I am a Canon gal. Also the package came equipped with pretty lips bandaids and a nice card/note. You done good Julene, thanks! I will think of you when I look at our matching camera usbs, while I drink my tea forever out of that lens and when I get hurt and need pretty lips to save the day. Danke schön! camera products from HERE.

 It is really nice to receive mail that aren't bills.



kaitlin said...

that little camera USB is to die for!! so cute!
and ya that mug, too perfect.

Natalie said...

YEAH! I am SOOOOO glad you finally got that lens mug. Woohoo. You are awesome Julene. Monica, you are loved by so many!