22 May 2012

|| Schwartzman Bros ||

Why do I find this so interesting? Who knows, but I do. I just found out last night that these two guys were brothers. For some reason finding out that one famous person is related to another famous person is cool stuff. Maybe you all knew these Schwartzman brothers were brothers, but when I found out I was like DUH, that totally makes sense. These guys are too cool for school. 

In honor of Robert Schwartzman {who we will forever wish was on Princess Diaries 2}, here is some Rooney for you.



Katie said...

This totally blew my mind!! I didn't know they were brothers, crazy! I love Rooney so much, I almost named my first child after them : ) lol

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I am happy to have blown your mind!

Julene said...


Leah said...

SERIOUSLY. Mind blown! I had no clue! What dreamy bros.