08 May 2012

|| The Met Gala 2012 ||

Photobucket Pretty pretty. These are my favorite looks going down the red carpet at The Met Gala fashion night. I loveveve Kirsten Dunst's outfit, that is my favorite. I love these dresses not only for their style, but also because they were beautiful and statements without being too over the top like some/many other outfits were. I wonder how awkward it is to be walking and have to stop and model cus it looked awkward. How weird it seems to assume people want to photograph you...well I guess your name is getting called out...how awkward if your name wasn't called out. Well I am sure they are trained.



Anonymous said...

Oh I love Kirsten's outfit too! Thanks for visiting my blog. ♥Lindsay

Katie said...

Those colors are to die for!! Wow, sigh.

Leah said...

I love Lily's gown. My favorite type of collar is a raised one hands down.