11 May 2012

|| All Things Lovely... ||

Felt macarons//Sure love these. Out at a party, or as gifts along with real macarons. Fun.
Paint colors//So sad I can't remember where I found this image because I didn't plan on posting the image, but I really really love it. Love the colors and the drops of paint. 
Triangle cups//Love. the end.
Beverage dispenser//Perfect. I plan on having a huge glass dispenser someday. This one is
awesome and a great price.
Kitchenware//I love me some color and patterns, but this picture is convincing me that I should have variations of creams, tans and light browns as my dishware. Such a pretty array of dishes, huh?
Flower headband//I don't always love a big flower headband especially if they are fake flowers, but some sure are pretty like this one. I don't support big flower headbands for everyday wear, but I think they look pretty in pretty photos and weddings.
Honeycomb paper balls//Love love love.


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stephanie said...

I agree about the beverage dispenser. Very cool.