20 April 2012

|| Would You Rather//Kitchen ||

Which kitchen would YOU rather have?? 
I pick the kitchen on the left, what about you?? 


Kyla said...

I like the one on the left...it looks much friendlier :)

Katie said...

I like the shelves and ceiling on the right, everything else on the left. Gah, I love kitchens, thanks for sharing : )

Mel said...

I'd take the one on the left, with the high ceiling of the one on the right! ;)

I love the colors and details on the right one...but I think If Id really have to choose it would be the one on the right. It seems to get much more natural light and I love high ceilings!!!

kaitlin said...

i actually love the white/cleanliness/freshness of the right one.

Natalie said...

the left one, cause everyone needs a record player on the counter! That's really why you chose it right monica? Maybe it's a converted crepe maker! That would be sweet!

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Ha, no thats not why i chose it. I just love that dash of industrialness to a home...with the steel appliances and the metal chairs. And I love the white brick with the other brown wall AND that white ceiling. I don't know why that record player is sitting there, maybe to listen to music while cooking?