05 April 2012

|| Ich spreche nur Englisch ||


I don't know if it's a fear or something I am scared of or a worry or me just being nervous, but
which ever description it is...I highly am ________[fill in the blank with one of the above]
about going shopping by myself. Well, I think it feels like something I am just nervous about. I am nervous that someone is going to talk to me or ask me something in German and I won't know what
to do/say. For some reason I feel this possibility will embarrass me and put me in an awkward
position. I am afraid of the cashier telling me something that I need to know and I won't know
what she is saying. I am a worry wart and I make myself nervous for things. 

The last time I went shopping by myself in Switzerland was when I was an Aupair which
was a couple years ago...until today. The stores closed early today because of the holiday
weekend and we had planned on going shopping after Jachen got off work. Jachen suggested
I go by myself before it closed because he really wanted some ice cream tonight. My first
reaction was no. But then I found some courage, told myself it would be fine and went
out in the misty rain to Migros. I wanted to surprise my Jachen with our favorite ice cream
bars that he had been craving all week. So, I went brave.

There were lots of people out at 14:30 all doing their shopping before the stores closed.
I brought our very tall rainbow umbrella incase it started to really rain on my way home.
I accidentally gently hit an old lady with it at Migros while I was picking out strawberries
that were on sale. I then picked out two avocados, two donuts, one of Jachen's favorite 
cookies, and 4 Megastar brownie pecan ice cream bars. I made it out of there with only
having to say "Grüezi" back to the cashier. Phew. I was worried I would have to say 
"Ich spreche nur Englisch" in my pitiful German accent. I headed home, had to wait
for the train to pass to get to our street, and felt happy that I was able to find courage
for this silly ________of mine.



Natalie said...

It's fear Monica. You should little by little keep doing this. By the way, what does that German phrase mean, that you were afraid you would have to say?
(the only way to get over fear is to face it, so good job taking a first step. Now keep steppin!)

kaitlin said...

monica that's awesome! i mean it really will make the next year a lot more fun if you can wander the streets without being super nervous. try it more!